Primitive Impressions

Discovering, another definition of yourself is quite interesting. Finding within oneself, applying paint to canvas is exciting, challenging but more importantly ,the ability to move past oh my, this is not good, what is this painting, and make it to  the creative process and allow instincts to flow is truly amazing.
I have no real classroom training as an artist, however many years ago through a course in basic architecture I did gain a sense for perspective. I do hold advanced degree’s in Education as a special educator.  Now Patience gives me process, the satisfaction of discovery. With many years of performing trade work I have an established approach to building, repairing or restoring which is my essential approach to the painting process. Work with trowels, paint brushes, plaster, cement, wood is what I consider my apprenticeship towards the canvas.
Perhaps at some point I will join up with an organization dedicated to artist or maybe one day be recognized in the art world, but for now friends and people I am acquainted with like what is produced. Currently working with Acrylic’s, I find this medium suits my approach and disposition. Though I do not work in haste, with Acrylics I have flexibility to build, repair and restore an idea within a moderate time frame. I enjoy many topics one will usually flow into my view to begin the project.
An art collector friend called my work “Primitive” which I did not take as a bad definition. I do agree, my work is primitive, so I create “Primitive Impressions”. Self taught, with little tutoring, basic. I really like the impressionists and those works of the abstract painters and I do believe my work is reflected as such.
Andrew Wyeth said, " I paint my life".  I don’t compare to his genius, so I paint what I look at and interpret.

  • Date 2017

“Eastern Blue Bird” Acrylic on Canvas – 2017

“Three Pears” Watercolor on Paper – 2017

“Foraging” Acrylic on Paper – 2017

“Green Apple in Shadow” Acrylic on Paper – 2017

Through the Rain